Welcome to the official website for Copper Horse Recording Studio.

Copper Horse Recording Studio is the recording studio used by-Singer/Songwriter/Lyricist/Composer/Musician/- Trevor Denton to write, record, and produce Songs. So far there have been 3 album releases- Autumn-Blue,21/12/2016,  A Full Moon on a Dark Night,27/9/2017 ,and the latest album, Always Good to You, 23/3/2019. All can be downloaded from  sites such as Apple music , http://www.amazon.com, or http://www.amazon.co.uk, Spotify.com/iTunes,Pandora,Deezer,YouTube,etc etc. All hard copy cd’s of any of the albums can also be purchased if you send a Personal Message to Trevor on Facebook with your details/requirements, or leave a message/details/requirements, here at copperhorsestudio.wordpress.com, in the contact section of the website. Payment is by Cheque or Paypal, details below, also some people have asked Trevor,  if he would be so kind as to autograph their album/cd, which of course he can, no problem, but please say if you would like him to dedicate it to you from himself, or if you just prefer his signature. Please also feel free to contact Copperhorsestudio.wordpress.com  and leave a message in the Contact- Section of this website ,or send a Personal message to Trevor on Facebook. Also you can write to Copperhorse at the address below. There are also more details below in the navigation bar ,just click on the link that says-About. And please scroll down for more information…up to date prices are as follows ,for all albums–March 2019- (all include postage) Europe £13, USA, Japan, South-America, Mexico, Canada, India,Russia,£14,Australia,Singapore,£14.50,United-Kingdom,£10.50, payment by PayPal or cheque only please. Address for cheque payment -copperhorsestudio, 21 Sandpiper-Walk , Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 7SD, United Kingdom, if paying by PayPal-trevor.denton@btinternet.com